At any given time in this class, students will be working on three drawings at once.
1. Teacher-Directed Drawing
2. Student-Directed (Choice) Drawing
3. Weekly Sketchbook Assignments (From LIST)

Visual Literacy Component

In addition to weekly sketchbook assignments, your sketchbooks also need to be utilized for
  • taking notes
  • planning & experimenting for Teacher & Student Directed Drawings
  • and to participating in "Doodle Revolution" activities.
Like music and athletics, art is something which improves the more it it practiced.

VIZ LIT & The 'Doodle Revolution'

As part of "Mindset Mondays," we will be learning how to take "Sketch-Notes," something which should help you in your other high school classes, as well as in college and life. In some ways, these skills will actually be antithetical to the drawing-from-true-life depiction skills we will be learning from our textbook, 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain,' however I am confident that this will improve your visual-thinking skills enough that it will not contradict, but actually compliment your 5 main perceptual skills in the long run.

Magic 3