• LegShot.jpg
    Informal perspective; a foreshortened view down your knee, by Mr.Mallory
    Read pages 138-145 in DRSB and complete the Chapter 8 study guide

  • Consider the drawing on the lower left hand corner of p.144, in your sketchbook, use a viewfinder and draw the foreshortened view looking down your leg.

  • Read pp 146-151, in your sketchbook, draw a doorway from at least 10 ft away, and draw a corner of a room where the ceiling and two walls come together

  • Read pp 152-155
    • Prepare a page in your 18x24 newsprint pad with 2 inch margins, toned and with cross hairs
    • Then, follow Dr. Edwards directions and spend a week drawing one of the hallways in the school

  • distortedperspectivehand-709470.jpg
    An example of distorted perspective, by Mr.Mallory
    Consider Figure 8-25 on page 156, in your sketchbook, draw your hand in such a way that you exaggerate perspective like a fish eye lens on a camera. Scroll down for examples.

Nisha Hull, 2007

Ryan Schaben, 2007

Drawing and Seeing students took to the halls with their 18x24" newsprint pads and used the skills they'd been learning about "sighting" angles and relationships, and using a "basic-unit" to record their perceptions as accurately as they could. Their assignment came from pp. 152-153 in our textbook, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.