Nisha Hull, 2009


  • Please read pp. 105-110


  • Use Dr. Edwards' directions to complete a Modified-Contour Line Drawing of your hand
    • mark off a 3x5 format
    • a graphite stick and some tissue to tone the format
    • be sure to place cross-hairs on the format
    • trace the basic outline of your hand on a picture plane (this time you will be using the viewfinder to help you keep a consistent pose and to conceptualize your hand flattened on the plane)
    • begin drawing you hand as you would a pure-contour drawing, except that you can continually make corrections and adjustments
    • continue drawing for 2-3 days, adding shading, modeling, and blending with your eraser, fingers, tissues, or blending sticks

Caitlyn Nichols 2009

Taryn Fouts 2009