Sign your name 5 times on one page in your sketchbook.Each time, write it a little bit differently.famous-handwriting.gif

1. Your Standard, Typical Everyday Signature

2. Slow, Careful, and Beautiful

3. Wrong-handed (If you're right-handed, use your left, and vice-versa)

4. Backwards (use your correct hand, but start writing with the last letter and move from right to left until you get to the first letter- ask if you don't get it)

5. Wrong handed and without looking!

When you're finished, use your imagination. Pretend that these are each by different people (none of them you). Pretend that you are a psychological profiler (like the ones the FBI always seems to have on TV shows). By each signature in your sketchbook, write a few comments about who you imagine the person could be, what their personality is like. You may just make a simple list of adjectives, or you can go into as much detail as you want to- age, income, habits, taste in music, hobbies, education level, etc.

Click to view the PowerPoint on expressive line and signatures.

Assignment- In your sketchbook, draw a self-portrait using only your signature.
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Ryan Schaben, 2008
Mr. Mallory, 2010
Mr. Mallory, 2013