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"Art is a fundamental struggle

to understand oneself, as much as to

understand what one is drawing."

~Henry Moore

Learning to See Differently
You don’t need to know how to draw already- the whole point of this class is to teach you how to draw. This course is recommended for any student intending to take any other art courses. Emphasis will be placed on brain research and visual thinking modes. All students should have this course or Art Fundamentals prior to any other art course.

This class will introduce students to thinking visually, solving problems creatively, and expressing themselves in fresh, new ways. Drawing students will learn and exercise the five basic skills that make up the global skill of drawing; perception of edges, spaces, relationships, light and shadows, and gestalt. Emphasis will be placed on right-brain theory, concentration, extending attention-span and divergent thinking skills.

Our textbook for this class is Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain; a course in enhancing creativity and artistic confidence by Betty Edwards, © 1999 Tharcher/Putnam


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Perceptual skills needed for drawing

Perceptual Skills involved in the "Global Skill" of Drawing:
1.Simultaneously perceiving & recording edges & contours
2.Perception of areas & spaces
3.Perception of relationships & proportions
4.Perceivinng and recording of lights and shadows (values)
5.Sensing or perceiving wholeness or "done-ness" (Gestalt)
6. Ability to “visualize” and record things from their memory or imagination

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